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the eldritch

weird is good

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weird is good.
This community is composed of prompts to be used as inspiration for the creation of writings and art with a fantasy, sci-fi, or generally weird slant. Here's how it'll work.

Schedule and Posting Etiquette
Prompts will be posted every Friday and left to run for the week between. Each week we will alternate between word prompts and image prompts. Respond whenever you like, however many times you like. If an old prompt speaks to you, respond to it. We're laid back 'round here.

Responses to each prompt should be posted as comments in the original prompt post. If you like, you may instead post a link to your response if you have it posted as an entry in your own journal, but please only do this if the post you're linking to is public.

Your response can be as short or as long as you want it to be, but please refrain from posting your War and Peace-sized manuscript (excerpt and link us). Scrolling gets old pretty damn quick. Images should probably stay around the 800 by 600 pixel mark in respect to those with teeny monitors and/or internet connections that move at the speed of tortoise.

Critique and Naughty Behavior
If you'd particularly like constructive criticism and critique on your posted response, feel free to specify it somewhere in your comment. If you would prefer not to be critiqued, let us know that, too.

No trolling, flaming, or general douche baggery, please. Wankers not welcome. This applies to critique as well. There is a difference between giving someone constructive criticism (which is helpful) and being an asshole (which is not). You don't need to sugar coat it. We're just asking you not to dip it in glue and roll it in thumb tacks. Repeat offenders will be flogged and forcibly made to bugger off.

Writing About Naked People and Prompt Suggestions
Adult content is allowed, within reason. By this I mean sex scenes are all right, even if they're graphic, but responses that are obviously raunchy porn meant for no greater purpose than being somebody's reading materials while wanking off, will be giggled at and promptly deleted.

If you have suggestions for a prompt, please direct them to this post. You can suggest images, but if they don't have a credited source, they won't get used. Sorry. I'd just prefer not to get bitched at on the off chance the copyright holder wanders by and gets all miffed about it.

That's it for the rules. If you have questions, feel free to ask them in your comments on this post.

The main purpose of this community is to give people an excuse to get writing/creating. Make something, anything, even if it's only a paragraph, a sentence, or a thumbnail sketch.